Anxious moments for Penticton RCMP officer


A Penticton resident tried to disarm a RCMP officer during a mental health apprehension Friday.

Officers were called into action by a local Penticton physician. A Form 4 Warrant compels police to apprehend an individual and transport them to the hospital for treatment. When the warrant is issued, police have little to no discretion to comply.

“During this call for service the individual was extremely combative,” said Cst Dayne Lyons, Media Liaison for Penticton RCMP. “During the altercation he kept reaching for the officer’s service pistol, and at one point had full grasp of the handle.”

“Our officer followed, and relied upon, his training to a ‘T,’” Lyons continued. “At no point did the male un-holster the pistol. The officer was able to keep his pistol secure the entire time.”

Four officers in total were needed to subdue the man. No injuries to officers nor the individual occurred.