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Amanda Poon

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Amanda Poon

Amanda was born in Edmonton. Her mother’s family were employed in the oil and gas industry and her father’s family immigrated from Hong Kong. Adapting to Alberta’s “work hard, play hard” culture reaped rewards, but also came with personal costs. Her father’s struggle with substance abuse after a family tragedy encouraged her mother and her new husband to sell their belongings and seek a new life in BC. After many nomadic months on the road, they found work and a place to live on a Bible Camp in West Kelowna. Here, Amanda developed a deep love for nature, animals, gardening, homesteading, and being part of a community where everyone is welcome.

Amanda is a believer in life-long learning. She worked to put herself through University as a bookkeeper’s assistant, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria and diplomas in Business Administration and Accounting from Okanagan College. She is currently enrolled in Statistics and has her sights set on earning a Master’s Degree in Public Health Policy.

Amanda Poon is now a community builder, a step mom, and a professional. As an Analyst for Interior Health, she works with complex data to support evidence based solutions and manage public money responsibly. Amanda is always active in the community, working on issues related to public and mental health, agriculture, and food security. She volunteers with various organizations in Kelowna, including the Welcome Inn Shelter and the Coldest Night of the Year event, and is currently president of the Kelowna Downtown-Knox Mountain Neighbourhood Association. Her experience in the local food movement includes working for urban farmers and food restaurant suppliers and she was on the board of One Big Table, a former co-operative grocery store in central Kelowna that championed local producers.

Amanda understands that we are all in this together, and she believes in working together to build a sustainable society full of opportunities that lift everyone up. As a candidate for the Green Party she is committed to growth that ensures that our community and its surrounding environment remains healthy, safe, and resilient for future generations.