BC Election 2020

RESULTS - Provincial*

*(Results as of 09:00hrs - 10/26/2020. To be updated)

Votes: 1,212,722/3,485,858  35% Polls:  7,969/8,056  98.9% Seats: 87/87
Party Votes Vote Share % Elected Leading Total Seats
NDP 546,842 45.1 51 4 55
LIB 428,477 35.3 24 5 29
GRN 185,499 15.3 2 1 3
CON 28,780 11.9 - - -
IND 10,538 2.4 - - -
LIBT 6845 11.9 - - -
CHP 3373 2.4 - - -

RESULTS - Kelowna West*

*(Results as of 09:00hrs - 10/25/2020. To be updated)

Votes: 17,774/53,008  33.5%   Polls:  112/113  99.1%
Party Candidate Votes Vote Share % Elected Leading
LIB Stewart, Ben (Incumbent) 9033 50.8 1
NDP Hawes, Spring 5697 32.1   2
GRN Truch, Peter 2322 13.1   3
LIBT Badura, Matt 369 2.1   4
IND Mitchell, Magee 353 2.0   5

RESULTS - Kelowna Mission*

*(Results as of 09:00hrs - 10/25/2020. To be updated)

Votes: 17,758/50,150 35.4%   Polls:  113/114 99.1%
Party Candidate Votes Vote Share % Elected Leading
LIB Merrifield, Renee 9234 52.0 1
NDP Smith​, Krystal 5335 30.0   2
GRN Poon, Amanda 3189 18.0   3



RESULTS - Kelowna- Lake Country*

*(Results as of 09:00hrs - 10/25/2020. To be updated)

Votes: 16,982/53,395  31.8% Polls:  116/117  99.1%
Party Candidate Votes Vote Share % Elected Leading
LIB Letnick, Norm (Incumbent) 9548 56.2 1
NDP Kulik, Justin 4399 25.9   2
GRN Janmaat​, John 2476 14.6   3
LIBT Geronazzo​, Kyle 407 2.4   4
IND Socrates, Silverado 152 0.9   5

RESULTS - Penticton*

*(Results as of 09:00hrs - 10/25/2020. To be updated)

Votes: 18,354/48,525  37.8% Polls:  129/130  99.2%
Party Candidate Votes Vote Share % Elected Leading
LIB Ashton, Dan (Incumbent) 9137 49.8 1
NDP Boot, Toni 6472 35.3   2
GRN Schumaker, Ted 2187 11.9   3
LIBT MacIntyre, Keith 558 3.0   4
Ben Stewart

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Ben Stewart

Ben Stewart was elected MLA for Westside-Kelowna in 2009 and 2013. He was re-elected in a by-election in 2018 in the riding of Kelowna-West. Ben is currently the Official Opposition Critic for Trade in the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness.

Mr. Stewart previously served as Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Community and Rural Development (Municipal Affairs) and Minister of Citizens' Services. In October of 2013, Stewart was appointed British Columbia’s Special Representative in Asia to act as the province’s official on-the-ground representative to further strengthen BC’s government-to-government relationships in China, Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia.

He also has extensive experience serving the community as a board and advisory member with UBCO, Okanagan College and Kelowna General Hospital Foundation. He also served on the Regional District’s advisory planning commission and Westside governance committee.

The Stewart family has farmed continuously in Kelowna since 1908. Having grown up in Kelowna, Ben has farmed vineyards and a diverse mixture of orchards and tree fruits with his family for over 40 years and is regarded as a pioneer of today’s premium wine industry.

In 1989, he founded and built Quails’ Gate into one of Canada’s leading estate wineries. Later, under his leadership as chair of VQA Canada, the organization successfully resolved a significant number of National and International Trademark and Trade issues.

Ben lives in West Kelowna and has three children and five grandchildren.



Spring Hawes

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Spring Hawes​

Spring Hawes is an entrepreneur with extensive experience as a business owner and employer. She is a mortgage broker in the Okanagan, as well as owning and managing several commercial properties. She has served 3 years as board director for Interior Health and is also a board member of the local non-profit Accessible Okanagan. Ms. Hawes served two terms as councillor in local government, participating in and leading multiple committees and working groups. She was also the president of an accessibility advocacy group in the East Kootenay for 7 years. She has been outspoken on the rights of women and marginalized people.

Ms. Hawes was raised in the Okanagan, and both her children were born here. After spending some years away, she returned in 2017, and is enjoying being back home. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English at Athabasca University in her spare time. She is involved in the community advancing accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities, and envisions a world with full inclusion of all people. Her two grown children are both graduates of UBCO.

She incurred a spinal cord injury 15 years ago in a mountain bike accident and has been a wheelchair user since then.

She is passionate about helping all people live well and achieve their potential. She envisions a world that fully values and truly embraces diversity, and she works to remove barriers to participation. Because she cares about PEOPLE, she cares about the world we live in. She knows we must urgently address climate change, and protect our water, air and soil. She believes we have the ingenuity and ability to do it.



Peter Truch

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Peter A. Truch

Peter A. Truch, your Green candidate in Kelowna West, believes we deserve better, balanced representation in Victoria.

With 20 years developing his skills as a professional transportation engineer on projects at a local, national, and international level, Peter has extensive experience in reliable planning, community building and sustainable engineering that puts people first.

Peter loves learning new languages. He is fluent in English, French and German, and has begun learning the Syilx language as a way to honour living on the traditional and unceded territory of the Syilx First Nation.

Peter serves as a trusted advisor of many government agencies and small businesses. He has been elected to lead an international organization in his profession, worked within government as an employee, and runs his own consulting practice working with numerous BC and Alberta municipalities, the Port of Vancouver, several privately-owned business, and non-profit entities.

A proud, single father, Peter finds the motivation to run for MLA in his two young boys, working hard to provide them the brightest future he can. A future that stops looking back to the tired, old, left-right partisan paradigm, and instead moves forward to a collaborative, people-focused government for Kelowna West and all of British Columbia.



Matt Badura

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Matt Badura​

Born in 1982 in Poland, Matt was exposed at a young age to the hardships communist governments can inflict. His non-communist parents faced persecution and escaped in the mid 80’s. After a couple years of living in a refugee camp Matt and his family arrived in Canada, to pursue life in a free country.

Matt grew up in Calgary, completed his bi-lingual studies and later worked in the Banking industry. Switching gears, he completed courses in Construction Management and moved on to work for a property manager coordinating capital projects. Later he worked as a project manager in the roofing industry and as a roofing inspector, before moving to the Okanagan.

Politically, Matt thinks of himself as fiscally conservative, but socially liberal, which made it difficult to place himself Politically. Until he discovered Libertarianism. He believes that all people should be free to pursue their lives how they see fit, and spend their earnings how they wish, so long as they do not harm others or prevent them from pursuing the same.



Magee Mitchell

Hello Friends and Neighbors, My name is Magee Mitchell and I would like to be your MLA for Kelowna - West. Like you, I am fed up with big party petty politics and it is time to get some new energy and new ideas into our political system. I am running as an Independent which means I will not be bound by a big political party and will not have to vote along party lines, this means the voice of Kelowna can be freed. As your politician I will be here to listen to your ideas, problems and concerns and take them to Victoria to be your voice- together we can make change. I am not your traditional politician but I have studied and I know I can be the voice for all constituents, not just those with money. My love for politics began 20 years ago as a teen in Ottawa. Having both the countries leaders and world leaders in the the city, news of them was unavoidable. I studied Political Science at Trent University and upon graduation took a job with an environmental firm. Growing up my parents took my two brothers and I on ski trips to Panorama Ski Resort which developed my passion for the mountains and the incredible skiing that was to offer here. Shortly after working for the firm I decided to pack my bags for the West, I am a true ski bum at heart. I drove across the country and took a job as a Pool Maintenance Technician at Panorama, also dabbling in Ski Patrol and golf course maintenance. After a fun stint there and meeting a lovely woman, who would later mother our beautiful daughter, we made the move to Kelowna to join my parents who had also moved from Ottawa. My professional experience includes Class 1 Driving for the oil and gas industry, a Concrete Pump Operator for a local concrete company, Food Services and Dishwasher at Kelowna General Hospital and now most recently working for an Accounting Firm in Downtown Kelowna. My experiences in these industries is what sets me apart. I know that with hard work and the right attitude anyone can build a great life in Kelowna. I live in British Columbia for the active healthy lifestyle. I am an avid fly fisherman in the summer and I volunteer with the Canadian Ski Patrol at Big White in the winter. As your MLA I will work on increasing community engagement and promote social and healthy living. I want to protect our children and teach them the importance of un-plugging from technology, protect our environment and get people out into nature, get drugs off the street and break the cycle. I am not afraid of hard work and with my deep passion for politics I know we can make positive changes together.



Norm Letnick

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Norm Letnick

Serving my community is much more to me more than a one-time commitment. It’s a lifetime of commitments, and the time and effort involved in serving my community is truly a privilege.

These days, as a new grandfather, I have even more motivation to ensure the needs of all my constituents are strongly represented in Victoria – for their benefit and the next generation’s benefit.

It’s been an honour during the past 15 years to serve the people of Kelowna, Lake Country, and surrounding districts – first on Kelowna City Council and since 2009 as their MLA. I’m now the Official Opposition Critic for Health, Long-Term Care, and Seniors. I previously served for four years as BC's Minister of Agriculture.

When COVID-19 hit, I immediately adopted an approach to fighting the pandemic that stressed cooperation between all political parties. I initiated several virtual town halls with representatives from the education, health, and non-profit sectors, plus other vital service areas. The gatherings answered the public’s questions in a “live” format – provide factual information upon which to base decisions.

I believe in leading by example which is why I volunteer at Kelowna's Inn from the Cold and The Kelowna Gospel Mission, and why I bought a fourplex for the public’s use as a transition home from addictions. I lead the annual Lake Country Terry Fox Run, and the walk up Knox for Health and World Peace. I also support food banks and volunteer as a “baby hugger” in Kelowna General Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.



Justin Kulik

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Justin Kulik

Justin Kulik is dedicated to fighting for people in Kelowna-Lake Country. 

As a university student, he is very supportive of the BC NDP government’s Access Grant program, which makes it more affordable for people to get a post-secondary education. 

He knows how important agriculture is to the local economy in the Okanagan, and he is passionate about food security and making sure people have access to affordable, healthy food. 

Justin is committed to fighting climate change and is proud of the BC NDP’s continent-leading plan, CleanBC. He will be a strong advocate for protecting BC’s clean air, land, and water, while building a low-carbon economy that creates opportunities for all. 



John Janmaat

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John Janmaat​

Dr. John Janmaat is an outdoorsman, father of two, and a sustainability educator and leader in the Okanagan. He holds B.Sc and M.Sc degrees in Agricultural Economics from UBC, an M.B.A. in Finance from Simon Fraser, and a Ph.D in Environmental and Resource Economics from Queens. As Associate Professor of Economics at UBCO, his research focuses on the efficient use of limited resources, particularly the economics of water resources. He holds a prestigious provincial research chair in Water Resources and Environmental Sustainability. John is the past Vice Chair of the Environmental Advisory Committee for the RDCO, and current Chair of the Kelowna Agricultural Advisory Committee.

As an avid outdoorsman, John has a passion for hiking, mountaineering, skiing, backpacking, and anything else that gets him into the wilderness. He is dedicated to the intersections between health and sustainability, and practices what he preaches commuting on his bicycle. He is on the executive of the Okanagan chapter of the Alpine Club of Canada, and ran the Boston Marathon in 2019, finishing in the top 10% for his age group. He believes in the power of education, teaching his students about sustainability as well as children through Scouts and other programs.



Kyle Geronazzo

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Kyle Geronazzo​

I’m running for the BC Libertarian Party because I do not believe in one-size-fits-all solutions; whether that comes to auto-insurance, education, healthcare, or even liquor distribution. You are the most qualified person to make decisions in your life, and I believe that you should have more power to do so.

You deserve a lower rate of taxation, more choice in your services, and real freedom. You deserve a government that sees itself for what it is; a servant of the people, not the ruler of the people.

When I ran in the by-election of 2018, I discovered first hand just how sick and tired people were of the current two-party system, which often led folks into choosing the “lesser of two evils”. I’m here to add another voice on the matter, an option that is not the ‘lesser’ of anything, but a real alternative.



Silverado Brooks Socrates

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Silverado Brooks Socrates​

First thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to folk that may not know me. I was born in Cold Lake, Alberta the daughter of a Canadian armed forces officer. My father was transferred between there and Summerside, Prince Edward Island in my first 12 years and he retired to the Okanagan in 1981. I had goals of going to the Olympics and having a horse during my time in PEI. Our family moved to Saskatchewan for my grade 7 year, to a base that had a stables near by. I pitched in money i had earned mowing lawns, and shovelling snow to buy my first horse. Two years later, our family had 2 full grown horses and 2 yearlings that moved with us to our West Kelowna acreage. I had great coaches through high school and university that set me on course to the Olympics, but I literally stepped off that track in large part due to being uncomfortable with the spot light. The CIS record from my third year of university at UVic still exists and our 4x800m lasted about 25 years (Tanya Jones, another Okanagan grown gal, was also on that relay team). Thirty years in the tourism field as a horse trailride owner operator, toastmasters, open mikes and karaoke have destroyed my past fears and set me back on track to help positively represent Canada.

1:  Community Matters! A stable community is a healthy one- with this in mind- not taking land out of ALR near the university to put in a transit yard. More on this in points 2, 3, and 4

2:  Jobs should not the priority for a leader so much as ensuring that everyone has adequate food water and shelter.

3:   Education should be potentially free- but combined with community involvement.

4:   Let's get beyond the typical 2-4 year election cycle timelines and dream of 2067- Canada's bicentennial year. I would love to see a school and park for the international institute for peace through tourism (IIPT) established in the Okanagan as part of this dream, and have communities across the country and world be connected through it both virtually and in real time.

Homelessness, addictions and suicides are better prevented than cured - by working towards these 4 goals, we can be a star that shines light on how we can be the change we need to see in the world.  

We need to move beyond the kind of thinking that we need jobs for people, to the idea of providing protection, suitable shelter, nutritious food and safe drinking water for everyone.

And time/desire to enjoy life in our community!

more at www.okanagangold.net

Authorized by Silverado Socrates financial agent  778-215226



Renee Merrifield

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Renee Merrifield​

Renee Merrifield founded Kelowna’s Troika Developments as a start-up in the late nineties and grew it into a Western Canadian group of companies, encompassing land, real estate development, construction, service, and consulting.

With her passion for community benefit, Renee has tirelessly contributed to philanthropic endeavours and is currently the Chair of the Breakfast Club of Canada.

She also serves on various private company boards including First West Credit Union, the First West Foundation, the Junior Achievement BC Board, and is on the External Advisory Committee for University of British Columbia Okanagan.

Renee previously served on the Westbank First Nation Economic Development Commission, the Interior Health Authority Board, as well as the Premier’s Women’s Economic Council.

Renee Merrifield has been named to Women’s Executive Network’s 'Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada’ from 2017-2019.

Ms. Merrifield holds two Master’s Degrees, including a MBA from the University of Liverpool.

Renee is happily engaged to Carlos Alentejano and together they have a blended family of five adult children.



Krystal Smith

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Krystal Smith​


Working hard to make life better for people has always been a big part of Krystal’s life.

Krystal was born in Kelowna and raised there by her single mom, Eva. While she was a student leader at UBC Okanagan, she advocated for students to have access to the services they needed. Thanks to her strong leadership skills, UBC Okanagan students received a Universal Bus Pass that is still in place today. Her tireless efforts continue to make a big difference in making life more affordable for post-secondary students in Kelowna.

Recently, through her work with the BC government, Krystal has delivered results for people in communities all across the province and helped to build a strong, sustainable economy.



Amanda Poon

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Amanda Poon

Amanda was born in Edmonton. Her mother’s family were employed in the oil and gas industry and her father’s family immigrated from Hong Kong. Adapting to Alberta’s “work hard, play hard” culture reaped rewards, but also came with personal costs. Her father’s struggle with substance abuse after a family tragedy encouraged her mother and her new husband to sell their belongings and seek a new life in BC. After many nomadic months on the road, they found work and a place to live on a Bible Camp in West Kelowna. Here, Amanda developed a deep love for nature, animals, gardening, homesteading, and being part of a community where everyone is welcome.

Amanda is a believer in life-long learning. She worked to put herself through University as a bookkeeper’s assistant, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Victoria and diplomas in Business Administration and Accounting from Okanagan College. She is currently enrolled in Statistics and has her sights set on earning a Master’s Degree in Public Health Policy.

Amanda Poon is now a community builder, a step mom, and a professional. As an Analyst for Interior Health, she works with complex data to support evidence based solutions and manage public money responsibly. Amanda is always active in the community, working on issues related to public and mental health, agriculture, and food security. She volunteers with various organizations in Kelowna, including the Welcome Inn Shelter and the Coldest Night of the Year event, and is currently president of the Kelowna Downtown-Knox Mountain Neighbourhood Association. Her experience in the local food movement includes working for urban farmers and food restaurant suppliers and she was on the board of One Big Table, a former co-operative grocery store in central Kelowna that championed local producers.

Amanda understands that we are all in this together, and she believes in working together to build a sustainable society full of opportunities that lift everyone up. As a candidate for the Green Party she is committed to growth that ensures that our community and its surrounding environment remains healthy, safe, and resilient for future generations.



Dan Ashton

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Dan Ashton

Dan Ashton was elected MLA for Penticton in 2013 and re-elected in 2017.

Dan now serves as the official opposition’s Agri-Tourism critic and is Deputy Chair of the Special Committee to Review the Personal Information Protection Act.

Previously, he has served as the Parliamentary Secretary for the Minister of Finance and as the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister Responsible for Core Review. He has also served as the Chair of Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services – where he currently serves as Deputy Chair, was a member of Treasury Board and was the vice-chair of the Cabinet Working Group on Core Review.

From 2014 to 2017, Ashton was the Premier’s representative to the Pacific Northwest Economic Region (PNWER). Before being elected as an MLA, Dan served two terms as Mayor of the City of Penticton following three consecutive terms as a councillor. He served ten terms as Chair of the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen, and spent four years as a trustee on the Municipal Finance Authority.

While Dan was born in Edmonton, his family moved to Penticton two weeks after his birth and he considers himself a proud Okanaganite. The Ashton family business was retail, with locations in the Okanagan, Kootenays and the Lower Mainland.

Dan and his wife Monique have two children, Coleton and Chantal. The Ashton family prides itself on being active in the community.



Toni Boot

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Toni Boot

Toni Boot, like any great Okanagan mayor, is just as adept in an orchard or garden as she is in council chambers and boardrooms. Before her role as the current mayor of the District of Summerland, Toni owned and operated two successful agri-businesses and is a well-known supporter of agriculture, sustainability, and affordability.

Toni has taught at Okanagan College and serves on multiple regional boards including Okanagan Basin Water Board, Grasslands Conservation Council, and the South Okanagan Women in Need Society.  She is a director with the Regional District of the Okanagan Simillkameen, an executive member of the Local Government Association (SILGA), and Vice-Chair of the Southern Interior Municipal Employers Association.

Toni has a record of bringing positive change to her community. Toni has championed progressive projects on affordable housing, protecting watersheds, improving solar and battery initiatives, rehabilitation of trails and recreation infrastructure, inclusivity, physical and mental wellness and support to the arts and culture community.  

She knows the devastating impacts the pandemic has had on everyone and believes John Horgan is the right person to lead the province during this difficult time. By putting her name forward as the BC NDP candidate in Penticton, she is hopeful that she can better serve the region in a new capacity and bring the concerns of our region to John Horgan’s team in Victoria.



Ted Shumaker

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Ted Shumaker

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Keith MacIntyre

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Keith MacIntyre​

Keith MacIntyre has lived in Penticton for the last 10 years.  He is the owner of Big Bear Software and is currently the President of the Okanagan School of the Arts and father of two awesome teenage boys.

Since moving to Penticton Keith has been an active community volunteer through JCI (Junior Chamber International), a Director on the Chamber of Commerce, and running for School Trustee.  Most recently he spent the last year and a half negotiating with the School Board to save the Shatford Centre as a community building, falling just short due to the pandemic.

Leading the Smart Cities Challenge gave Keith the opportunity to engage the entire community of Penticton and gave him a broad understanding of the issues that face Penticton and the surrounding area. It also gave him a great understanding of just how valuable it is for businesses and citizens take initiative to make change outside the confines of government.

Over his career he has worked with multiple levels of government in the defense, medical and other ministries.  He has been called upon for advice from Procurement Improvement initiatives and has helped guide some technology procurement programs to better choose technology and drive innovation.

Keith also has significant experience writing pandemic simulation software and has in depth knowledge on pandemics and interventions and will be able to ensure that decisions being made that affect our citizens and businesses are right and will continue to demand for open data for all.

Keith is driven to do what is right.  He is an experienced data analyst and forms opinions based on science, data, and by listening to a broad range of opinions.  Keith is not a politician, but instead, a business owner and an informed citizen.  He has often been described as the voice of reason.  He is a skilled and patient negotiator and listens.  He has a calming influence in meetings and is often looked to mediate conflicts.  He would be honoured to represent you in the Legislature.