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Silverado Brooks Socrates​

First thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to folk that may not know me. I was born in Cold Lake, Alberta the daughter of a Canadian armed forces officer. My father was transferred between there and Summerside, Prince Edward Island in my first 12 years and he retired to the Okanagan in 1981. I had goals of going to the Olympics and having a horse during my time in PEI. Our family moved to Saskatchewan for my grade 7 year, to a base that had a stables near by. I pitched in money i had earned mowing lawns, and shovelling snow to buy my first horse. Two years later, our family had 2 full grown horses and 2 yearlings that moved with us to our West Kelowna acreage. I had great coaches through high school and university that set me on course to the Olympics, but I literally stepped off that track in large part due to being uncomfortable with the spot light. The CIS record from my third year of university at UVic still exists and our 4x800m lasted about 25 years (Tanya Jones, another Okanagan grown gal, was also on that relay team). Thirty years in the tourism field as a horse trailride owner operator, toastmasters, open mikes and karaoke have destroyed my past fears and set me back on track to help positively represent Canada.

1:  Community Matters! A stable community is a healthy one- with this in mind- not taking land out of ALR near the university to put in a transit yard. More on this in points 2, 3, and 4

2:  Jobs should not the priority for a leader so much as ensuring that everyone has adequate food water and shelter.

3:   Education should be potentially free- but combined with community involvement.

4:   Let's get beyond the typical 2-4 year election cycle timelines and dream of 2067- Canada's bicentennial year. I would love to see a school and park for the international institute for peace through tourism (IIPT) established in the Okanagan as part of this dream, and have communities across the country and world be connected through it both virtually and in real time.

Homelessness, addictions and suicides are better prevented than cured - by working towards these 4 goals, we can be a star that shines light on how we can be the change we need to see in the world.  

We need to move beyond the kind of thinking that we need jobs for people, to the idea of providing protection, suitable shelter, nutritious food and safe drinking water for everyone.

And time/desire to enjoy life in our community!

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