Canada Increases Taxes While 51 Other Countries Make Cuts

Canadian Taxpayers Federation2

While the government of Canada hiked taxes, 51 other national governments cut taxes during the pandemic or to ease the burden of inflation, according to a report released by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation today.

“While Ottawa sticks Canadians with higher tax bills, other countries are doing the right thing and providing their citizens with much needed relief,” said Franco Terrazzano, Federal Director of the CTF. “Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should follow the lead of other nations and make life a little more affordable by cutting taxes for Canadians.”

The CTF identified 51 national governments that provided tax relief during the pandemic or to ease the burdens of inflation. National governments that provided tax relief include more than half of the G7 and G20 countries and two-thirds of the countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

A total of 25 countries cut gas taxes, 15 countries cut energy taxes, 18 countries cut consumption taxes, eight countries cut income taxes and 11 countries cut business taxes. A number of countries reduced multiple taxes. 

In addition to the 51 national governments that cut taxes, provincial governments such as Newfoundland and Labrador, Ontario and Alberta cut fuel taxes. 

The government of Canada recently increased the carbon tax, alcohol taxes and payroll taxes. Although the federal government raised the basic personal exemption to increase the tax-free portion of incomes, if you make more than $40,000 your federal income tax bill is still going up this year due to rising payroll taxes.

“Ending the tax hikes while Canadians struggle with the pandemic and inflation should have been a no-brainer,” said Terrazzano. “Trudeau could immediately make life more affordable by reducing his tax-take like so many other countries have done.”

You can find the CTF’s report here