Carnival Contest

makeover contest

The Vernon Winter Carnival society says the time has come for their mascots to receive a makeover.

Jopo and Jopette have been the face of Vernon Winter Carnival since 1965 in their role is to symbolize the happy spirit of Carnival.
It¦s a hard task to represent an almost 60-year-old tradition, so Vernon Winter Carnival is asking for the community's help to give the mascots a refresh!

"We're looking to individuals to send in their ideas for a new costume design for Jopo and Jopette, something updated, but that will still be recognizable as the symbol of Carnival", says Vicki Proulx, Executive Director for Vernon Winter Carnival.

Vernon Winter Carnival will be holding a contest starting now until November 8th, asking the community to
send in designs for a new look for the Mascots. Criteria includes:
-Costumes must be Carnival Blue and White
- Must be age and gender neutral
-Must be winter appropriate & suitable for outdoor wear in February

The winning contestant will receive a cash prize of $500 and the design will be presented at the Vernon
Winter Carnival Business After 5  on  Dec 10th, 2019.

"We wanted to hold a contest for this task as it's a way for the community to get involved and update a
recognizable mascot that relates back to the ommunity and the festival. ' says Deb White, Chair of Vernon Winter Carnival Society.

Deadline for design entries is November 8th, 2019.

Jopo History:
"Jopo" the Jester's role in the life of Carnival is to symbolize the happy spirit of Carnival. "Jopo" first
appeared in 1965 as a brainchild of Mrs. John Maynard who thought Vernon should have a character to
identify our Winter Carnival. She designed the costume and Bill Allum (along with his wife Lorraine)
emerged as the first "Jopos". Mary Huggins helped by creating the facial make-up. At this time (1965) the
Jester did not have a name and a contest was launched.
The winning entry was submitted by 12 year old Tina Wunderli, who won $25 for her efforts.
The demands on "Jopo" were great and carnival officials came up with more identical "Jopos". In the late
60's acrobatic dance Karen Smith entertained at the Queen Silver Star Proclamation as the first "Jopette".
Today Jopo and Jopette are portrayed by volunteers, representing Vernon Winter Carnival at events through
out the region year round.