Coldstream Council Highlights

Rezoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1822, 2023 – Agricultural Comprehensive Development Zone One

Council rescinded 2nd reading regarding a bylaw amendment to the property at 9172 Kalamalka Road and requested that additional information be brought forward surrounding restaurant regulations in the ALR; and also to ensure that only the current uses on the property are authorized. These changes will be brought forward to a future Council meeting and a public hearing will be scheduled following a second reading.

Bylaw No. 1825, 2023 – Tax Rates Bylaw

Council adopted the 2023 Tax Rates Bylaw. This bylaw establishes the tax rates, as contemplated in the previously adopted 2023-2027 Financial Plan. 

Bylaw No. 1826, 2023 – Subdivision Development Servicing Bylaw

Council adopted the Subdivision Development and Servicing Bylaw. This bylaw requires and regulates the provision of works and services in respect to the subdivision and development of lands within the District of Coldstream. The primary change in this updated bylaw is the alignment of standards with the Master Municipal Contract Documents (MMCD). This will provide greater consistency in the application of the bylaw.

Bylaw No. 1827, 2023 – BC Energy Step Code

Council gave three readings to a bylaw that will require all new construction meet Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code. Provincial legislation has mandated that all new construction beginning May 1 meet Step 3 of the Code.

More information on the BC Energy Step Code

Regional District of North Okanagan Restorative Justice Funding Service

Council considered a letter from the Regional District of the North Okanagan to establish a service for the Restorative Justice program. Council voted to advise the Regional District that they are not interested in a regional service but did commit to funding $2,000 in the 2024 Financial Plan.

Province of BC “Homes for People”

With regards to the Province's announcement of the BC “Homes for People” plan, Council authorized the Mayor to send a letter to the Minister of Housing requesting that the Minister take in to account:

  • the diversity and size of communities and their unique housing needs,
  • the difference between rural and urban communities and availability of infrastructure,
  • and the significant impact on existing local infrastructure.

Additionally, broad legislative changes may curtail local planning authority vested in local governments and expressed in their OCP and Zoning bylaws, for which extensive public input has been received.

BC Transit Electronic Fare Collection System

Council authorized a policy change from the current monthly transit pass system to a new 30-day pass, consistent with the roll out of the new UMO Fare Collection System.

Second Dwellings in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)

Council received a recommendation from the Committee of the Whole in regard to secondary dwellings on ALR lands. Council has directed Administration to:

  • develop a Zoning Bylaw amendment to allow second dwellings on lands zoned RU-ALR,
  • develop amendments to the Official Community Plan (OCP) creating a Second Dwelling Agricultural Development Permit Area, and
  • develop amendments to the Development Applications Procedures Bylaw.

The amendments will contain a minimum lot size of four (4) hectares, homesite plating, home sizing regulations, and minimization of impact to agriculture. These proposed bylaw amendments and changes will be brought forward to a future Committee of the Whole meeting for review, discussion, and edits before going through the necessary public consultation process.

Wildlife Attractants

Council authorized Administration to bring forward a bylaw to regulate wildlife attractants and feeding of wildlife to a future Committee of the Whole meeting.