Column: Mahomes against Sherman: Who you got?


Miami (AP) — Of all the scenarios that could play out in this, the most even of Super Bowl matchups, it just might come down to this.

Patrick Mahomes against Richard Sherman, game on the line in the final seconds. Who you got?

San Francisco defensive end DeForest Buckner thinks he knows.

“Anything you want to call it, you name it. I mean he’s got it,” Buckner said of Sherman, his teammate on the vaunted 49ers defense. “I’m just glad he’s on our team.”

Correction, if you will. Sherman isn’t just on the team.

He’s the undisputed face of the team.

That was clear from the moment the 49ers landed in Miami, with their leader front and center, dreadlocks flowing over his sweats and trademark slippers. The days leading up to the Super Bowl are reserved for talking, and Sherman has never been shy when he sees a microphone in front of him.

He mourned Kobe Bryant, saying just the right things when it mattered most. He talked about appreciating his third Super Bowl the most because in the back of his mind he knows it might be his last.

And he got a smile on his face when he told the story of his son being born just days after his second Super Bowl in 2015 and how it means so much to have him here at the game.

“You just pray that one day you can play well enough and have your son see you play at a high level,” Sherman said. “And that’s the biggest blessing of this season is my son’s going to see me play every game and understand and recognize what I’m doing.”

All, though, is not so rosy in Sherman's world as the game approaches. It never is with the Stanford grad, who seems to need to hold a grudge against somebody or something to play better.

So he had a few words about the Seahawks for letting him go. He blasted the NFL for not caring about...