Commanage Petition


A Commonage resident isn't happy with Vernon City Council's decision this week to increase speed limits on parts of Commonage Rd to 70 km/h. 

Jolene McLellan has started an on-line petition, this is from her post: 

"A vote has been passed to increase speed limits on parts of Commonage Rd to 70 km/h. 
We, as residents and business owners on Commonage Rd, are adamantly opposed to this change. 

A speed limit increase on Commonage Rd is a clear safety concern for those that reside on and regularly travel on Commonage Rd. There are numerous blind spots where we feel the speed limit should, in fact, reduce to 50 km/h to reduce the amount of collisions and injuries. 

Snow removal and road maintenance is extremely poor, there are no road or street lights, and there are multiple businesses with incoming and outgoing daily traffic that should be considered. Exiting our residential driveway should not be a life threatening daily occurrence. 

Commonage Rd was not ‘engineered’ for higher speeds, historically it was an agricultural zoned dirt road that did not connect to the Hwy at all. Commuters can be expected to respect this area by driving a safe speed until they reach the Hwy as in any other neighbourhood.

We ask that you please help us keep our families, neighbours, and the young daycare children and their families safe by standing with us on retaining safe driving laws in our neighbourhood."

Click here for the link to the petition.