Cops For Kids: Off The Road


Cops For Kids has been forced off the road -- but the ride is not over.

Thick wildfire smoke covering parts of the province is to blame.

"We decided to pull the team off the road," says Gail Harrison with the Ride Committee.  "We were hitting 10+ in air quality, which becomes actually a higher risk for all of our riders. So we pulled everybody and basically we've gone virtual."

That means, for now, riders will be committing to riding from home.

"We've decided to everything we can to continue," says Harrison.  "Looking at the leader board, there were a lot of us on our bikes registering indoors a virtual ride of one hundred kilometers, which is our daily commitment to Cops For Kids.' 

And as for getting back on the road?

"We're not giving up," says Harrison. "We're not stopping riding indoors. "Listening to your (AM 1150) weather report it sounds like it's going to be probably Thursday before we'll be able to get back on our bikes."

You can still donate on the Cops For Kids website.