Greater Vernon Water – Water Source Change and Watering Restrictions Return to NORMAL


Customers of Greater Vernon Water (GVW) are advised that the Kalamalka Lake water source has been turned back on, effective May 24, 2023, after the turbidity in Kalamalka Lake has returned to normal levels.

GVW has now returned to normal operations by supplying water from our two sources; the Duteau Creek Water Treatment Plant supplied by Duteau Creek and the Mission Hill Water Treatment Plant supplied by Kalamalka Lake.

Customers may notice some cloudiness or sediment in their water as a result of the change in direction of flow. If this occurs, run a cold water tap closest to where the water enters your house before your hot water tank, any in home filtration, or taps with aerators.

Watering Restrictions – NORMAL

As a result of cooler, wetter weather combined with turning the Kalamalka Lake source back on, GVW advises customers that Water Restrictions have now returned to Normal from Stage 1. We still encourage customers to use water efficiently, and have waterwise tips on our website at

Where can I find updates?

Customers will be notified of any updates at (filter by Water Notices) and the RDNO’s Facebook page at You can also subscribe to receive email updates at

If you have any questions, please contact the RDNO Utilities Department at 250-550-3700.