More Downtime at Tolko 

Tolko Office


Tolko announced that its BC Operations will be taking two weeks' downtime from December 21 - January 6 during the holiday season. The last day of production will be December 20. 

Tolko's Vernon Office will also be closed the week of December 23 - 27. Staffing levels at all BC Operations will be restricted to essential services during this period. 

Vice President, Solid Wood, Troy Connolly says this downtime is a result of low prices and high log costs in BC.   "This downtime will reduce output by approximately 21 Mmfbm of lumber production and 10 mmsft of panel production", says Connolly.

Pino Pucci, Vice President, Tolko Marketing and Sales continued to assure customers that Tolko's Marketing and Sales team "will continue to support our customers and do our best to minimize any impacts. Our customers are understanding of current market conditions and aware of our ongoing commitment to serve them."