17 year old Kelowna cyclist breaks Canadian record


17-year-old Kelowna cyclist Jacob Rubuliak has beat the Canadian record for biking the vertical height of Mount Everest in less than 10 hours.

He did it by going up and down Knox Mountain in 9 hours and 33 minutes on Sunday, July 5th.

He joined AM1150's Early Edition to talk about the 8,848 meter ride.

 “I'm definitely sore; joints are definitely feeling it and legs and back are pretty fried right now.”

“It’s not the ideal hill for doing an Everest just because the grade varies and the way down is fairly technical, so you do lose a little bit of time on the corners on the way down so  it wasn't the ideal hill but it was pretty sweet to do it here at home.”

Rubuliak beat the previous record by 25 minutes.

“There have been a few people who have done it. The previous record holder was from Ontario and that was probably a month ago that they did that.”

When asked what is next, Rubuliak said his sites were set on going pro.

“I think one of the more immediate goals is to be part of a pro-cycling team in the next year or so, that's the goal for me. Obviously right now I don't have any races to prove myself so you have to think of new ways to show what you can do,” said Rubuliak.

Rubuliak proved himself by riding up and down Knox Mountain 38 ½  times.

He says the Olympics are not out the question.