2.7 million dollar bridge upgrade


Motorists in the Mission - take note!

Traffic on Lakeshore Road Bridge at the Bellevue Creek Project will be re-routed to the newly constructed multi-use path bridge section starting Friday.

It will allow crews to begin upgrades on the existing traffic bridge.

Before the traffic pattern change, traffic will be reduced to single lane alternating traffic tomorrow from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. to prepare for the shift.

Motorists are asked to choose alternate routes to avoid delays.

The improvements will extend the life of the existing bridge, enhance safety and connect the multi-use path from the north side of the bridge to Collett Road.

Once complete, two lanes of vehicle traffic, bike lanes in each direction and a multi-use path will allow for smoother traffic flow.

Construction will cost $2.7 million dollars. It will be completed by September.