2021 Blueprint for B.C.'s Urban Future


The BC Urban Mayors Caucus represents over half of the province's population.

They've sent a letter to each of the federal parties, with their 2021 Blueprint for BC's Urban Future, asking them to include issues facing BC cities in their election platforms.

Kelowna Mayor and Co-Chair Colin Basran says this includes mental health and substance use and affordable housing.

"We have actually requested meetings with each of the federal party leaders and we'll see if those materialize," explains Basran.   "As well, we know that platforms continue to roll out throughout the campaign, and we'll be checking those platforms to see if they adequately address the issues that municipalities are facing but come under control of the federal government."

Other issues in the Blueprint include public transit, and the long-neglected local government finance system. 

"A lot of the major concerns that our residents have typically are with issues that are outside of municipal jurisdiction."  Basran explains.  "That doesn't mean that municipalities don't have a role to play - we are willing to work with our federal and provincial partners to make a difference in those areas but it's certainly not something a municipality can do alone."

"I think every federal leaders has said that municipalities play an important role in the continued growth and recovery of our country," says Basran.  "And they always say that local leaders know their communities better than anyone."