38 puppies found dead on flight from Ukraine to Canada


A flight from Ukraine to Canada landed with 500 puppies on board.

38 of them had died from the sick, dehydrated and overall terrible conditions they were living in.

The shocking incident happened as result of the puppy trade industry.

Executive Director of Humane Society International Rebecca Aldworth says the puppy mill problem is far from solved in Canada.

“Certainly in provinces like Quebec where we have hundreds, if not thousands, of these unethical breeding facilities. Other provinces still need a lot of action and provinces are working with [non-profit organizations] to try to solve that problem. It’s absolutely appalling that when we cant deal with our domestic puppy mill problem, we’re importing this kind of cruelty.” 

Aldworth told AM1150’s Early Edition the survivors on that plane from Ukraine were released to the importer upon arrival.

“That shows that the system is utterly broken. So, its not just the end consumer who’s being denied about the origins of these dogs but even in a case like this, which has been reported all over the world, people right now are buying those animals not knowing that they originated from that flight.”

Aldworth said a flaw that big in the system calls for government action and provincial authorities with high puppy mill numbers can do much more than they are currently doing to curtail those operations.

Additionally, it is up to the consumer to do their research on what they are supporting and where an animal is coming from when buying a puppy online or from pet stores.

If not, you could be supporting the horrific animal cruelty that occurs throughout the domestic and international puppy trade.

Aldworth described the heartbreaking conditions the animals in those breeding facilities have to endure.

“Dead and dying animals in the same cages. Animals with no food, no water, no socialization, no veterinary care, filthy cages. Literally the cages covered in cobs webs because its been no long since those doors were opened. It’s terrible. Often the dogs are suffering from many illnesses, often from genetic conditions because of the poor breeding conditions,” said Aldworth.

Sadly, shipments of puppies being flown into Canada for sale are a common occurrence, said Aldworth, adding that it will continue if consumers and the government don’t act.