8-year-old Kelowna Boy Intoxicated by Unknown Substance

A.S Matheson Elementary School

An eight-year-old Kelowna boy is home from the hospital after being intoxicated by an unknown substance found at A.S. Matheson Elementary School Wednesday morning.

The student reported the following morning, that they had ingested a pink substance off the floor in the classroom.

School District #23 Superintendent, Kevin Kaardal is very concerned and his student’s safety is their top priority.

“We sent notifications home, two, one on the day of the event and one on Friday reminding parents to remind their students not to pick things up and ingest them because we know narcotics can come in many shapes and forms. As a matter of fact we know some come in the shape of gummy bears, for example,” said Kaardal.

The possible substance was collected on Thursday and sent for chemical analysis,

“School staff cleaned the room thoroughly and health and safety staff attended and inspected the classroom and the school site. We also spoke to staff to see if the staff using the room had maybe brought prescription medication and possibly fallen out of their bag and been crushed. That seemed to be ruled out,” said Kaardal.

Officials are waiting for results and the boy should be back at school next week.