Activists protest turkey slaughterhouse


A protest at a Kelowna turkey farm on Sunday.

Animal rights activists lined the street in front of Patton Farms with signs stating their concerns. The group claims an industrial farm and slaughterhouse will negatively impact the local community, and asks whether residents in the area are fully aware.

In a statement, the group claims such farms "decrease nearby property values, contaminate water sources, and increase the violent crime rates."

“We are asking Patton to close all animal farm and slaughter operations, and transition to a commercial plant-based food operation, for the wellness and sustainability of our community," stated the group's Amy Soranno. "We don't want them to suffer, we don't want them to lose out on their livelihoods. We just hope that they can transition to something better and we understand that is a huge feat and we are hoping the government will help them throughout that transition."