Annual CounterAttack kicks off in Kelowna


Throughout December, Kelowna RCMP Traffic Services will be conducting CounterAttack road checks throughout the area.

Although Kelowna RCMP Traffic Services is out conducting traffic enforcement and keeping Kelowna roads safe on a daily basis, they will be revving it up in December as the provincial CounterAttack impaired driving campaign runs from December 1st to December 31st with National Impaired Driving Enforcement Day on December 4th.

Drivers in Kelowna will see a heavy police presence as Kelowna RCMP Traffic Services will be conducting several road checks throughout the Kelowna area, targeting impaired drivers.

“While most people understand that drinking alcohol and driving is dangerous, people need to understand using drugs, both illegal and prescription drugs, is just as dangerous, said Sgt. Mark Booth of Kelowna RCMP Traffic Services. “If you are planning on drinking, please do not drive. Find an alternative way home to ensure that you and the people sharing the road with you, get to their destination safely.”

Since January 2021, Kelowna RCMP officers have removed 800 impaired drivers from our roads. This includes drivers who are facing criminal charges for impaired driving by drugs and alcohol, including refusals as well as drivers who received prohibitions under the Motor Vehicle Act.