Apartments evacuated following carbon monoxide leak

West Kelowna Fire Rescue Truck

West Kelowna Fire Rescue crews were called to the 42 unit apartment building on Brown Road after Fortis Gas detected high levels of Carbon Monoxide.

Crews were able to confirm the very high levels of CO on all floors of the building, which was promptly evacuated. Over 50 residents were moved to the apartments clubhouse building where they were kept warm and evaluated by paramedics. According to West Kelowna Fire and Rescue, there were no injuries and everyone was evacuated safely.

Eventually, a heating unit in the building was identified as the source of the leak. The complex was then ventilated and all residents were allowed to return to their homes about 90 minutes later.

"We are pleased with the outcome today, which could have been so very much worse. With the onset of winter, we urge the public to learn about Carbon monoxide safety and ensure that they and their families are protected." said West Kelowna Fire Chief Jason Brolund.

Firefighters say all homes should be equipped with at least one CO detector. If you hear a CO alarm or experience symptoms of CO poisoning, leave the premises to fresh air and call 9-1-1 immediately.