BC Hotel Association welcomes first female President


Ingrid Jarrett has been chosen as the new head of the BC Hotel Association.

Her role is to advocate to both regulatory and governing bodies on important industry files.

“That is comprised of several things. One of it is leading our team here at the BC hotel association and it's also strategic direction and making sure that the direction of the board and what the industry needs over time is actually implemented and achieved,” said Jarrett.

Jarrett takes the reins from long time CEO James Chase, who retired in December after 28 years of service.

She is the first female President to sit in the chair since the company's inception in 1917 and has over 30 years of experience.

“Not only is the hotel industry itself, but the business of hotels part of my experience and my background. So you end up understanding different associations, what makes them work and what their value is, their relevancy,” said Jarrett.

She's very excited to bring her broad range of experience to her new position.

Jarrett sat on the board of directors for the BC Hotel Association for the last 16 years, where she led some larger projects regarding the regulation of short term rentals and labour shortage in the Province.

In 2013/14, she sat as Board chair and subsequently was appointed executive committee director of BCHA.

 “I know the association and the industry well and have worked in it all over British Columbia, so I’m incredibly proud and honoured that the recruitment team has chosen me as the new CEO and to be the first female, it's unbelievable to think that we've actually gone over 100 years without a female at the helm.”

Jarrett brings with her experience in big brand hotels and resorts, small independent builds, strata management and tourism development.