Be a peach and leave it on the beach


With Okanagan Lake currently sitting above full pool, beachgoers are asked to leave branches, leaves and all other natural debris that washes up on our beaches where they are.

“While it may seem intuitive to pick up branches and debris to keep our beaches clean, those natural woody materials actually help break the waves and keep our beaches from eroding so we can enjoy them for years to come,” says Melanie Steppuhn, Park & Landscape Planner. “Right now we ask that residents leave this debris where it is for a few weeks until we see the water at lower levels.”

This natural erosion protection provides a protective layer to the sands and gravels of the beachfront. It’s nature’s way of keeping the beach in place, and it is especially important to do so when the lake is at high levels, as it is right now.

Once lake levels drop, the debris can be cleaned up.