Bernard Avenue Experience a Success says Downtown Association


Closing Bernard Avenue to vehicles and opening it to foot traffic went well according to the Downtown Kelowna Association. 

The next step is a survey of businesses, which goes out a week from today.

"More specific questions for the businesses that are on Bernard, and other questions for the ones not on Bernard," says Executive Director Mark Burley.  "We'll focus on there to find out where the feelings are, how it went, and how we can do better if we do it again."

Burley says once the survey is completed, it will be sent to City Hall.

"The data from that will help staff with their report to city council."

As far as how it went over with the public.

"Lots of positive comments from both visitors to our city and people from our city who were downtown," says Burley.  "The atmosphere was pretty positive.  We had fabulous weather for the month of August, and that certainly helped bring people downtown who maybe otherwise don't normally do it."

Bernard Avenue reopens to vehicle traffic tomorrow.