Bernardo Advocates Sought Support from Society in Kelowna


Bridges to New Life Society in Kelowna is on the list of places killer and serial rapist Paul Bernardo's advocate team was contacting for support if his parole was approved. 

Society Director Craig Churchill says they've received some nasty calls as he was up for parole today. 

"We do have a criminal justice system that releases people out of prison. Where can they go after they are released? It doesn't do much good sending them up to the arctic circle, but they do have to come back into society. Those that are dangerous and cause for repeat offending, there's very tight rules and regulations that they have to follow and they're well monitored."

They have to go somewhere, but Churchill says Bernardo wouldn't come directly to them. 

"For Paul to come to our house here straight out of prison is virtually impossible, because we're not in any way, shape, or form related to Corrections Canada other than we are a ministry that reaches out to guys and ladies that have had encounters with the law."

Churchill believes people have confused what the society actually does. 

"He's not coming to Bridges to New Life Society because that's not who we are, we don't work that way. We are not a halfway house. If he gets out of prison he has to go to a halfway house, then we have the opportunity to work with him as a separate organization."

Bernardo was denied his second parole request on Tuesday, less than three years after his first request. 

Churchill does not believe Bernardo will ever be a free man again.