Better prepared for 'heat dome'


Will the Okanagan experience another 'heat dome' like we did last June? 

Environment Canada says Kelowna recorded it's hottest summer on record in 2021. 

City Risk Manager Lance Kayfish says we will be better prepared if it happens.

"Certainly a lesson learned from last year has prompted us to look at better planning for this year. Over the course of the rest of this year and maybe into next, we will figure out some better roles and responsibilities for dealing with something specific like a heat dome".     

The City of Burnaby has already planned open houses, informing residents of where cool stations are located if it occurs again.

"That is something we haven't done yet. We have public service announcements ready to go and we've worked on an issue of cooperation with our emergency operations centre and Interior Health should the need arise," Kayfish added.

Not only was 2021 Kelowna's hottest summer, it was also the third driest on record.