Big White to Open in June

big white mountain bike

If B.C stays on the right track towards a downward COVID-19 curve, Big White Ski Resort should be opening in late June for the July long weekend.

“We think that we’re going to have the protocols in place, safety for our team members, safety for our guests. It’s not hard to socially distance, physically distance when you’ve got 2,700 acres to move around in,” said Vice President, Michael Ballingall.

Ballinghall teased listeners on AM1150’s Early Edition about the possibility of a local mountain bike event.

Some of the top mountain bikers in the world live in B.C and more specifically the Okanagan Valley.

Ballinghall said there won’t be any events with international athletes this year but there is the opportunity for the province to offer a provincial mountain bike series at one of the top mountains.

“Calling out athletes of talent in the province of British Columbia, we would have a full slate immediately but what we would also be able to do is get that next tier down, that tier that normally doesn’t get the limelight. We think that we’re going to be able to offer a great mountain bike series right here in the province of British Columbia.”

He added that this type of event could be held at Sun Peaks, Whistler, SilverStar, Fernie or Big White and be easily streamed virtually.

“We think that we’re going to have a very good product to offer that people are going to be able to offer online or in very few numbers up at the resort. We’re not going to gather 5,000 people at the bottom of Happy Valley to watch like we have in the past. We’re going to do it online and make it very enjoyable for the audience.”

Ballinghall said when them mountain does reopen, visitors will be able to mountain bike, hike, have a picnic and enjoy some time outdoors.