Bumpy ride with price of asphalt on the rise


Repairing Kelowna streets isn't getting any cheaper.

The price of asphalt is 30 percent higher than a year ago as crude oil prices soar.     

"That effected our list of projects, so we had to dial down our list a little bit. Out of the 10.5 kilometers of road on our original list, we have reduced that by 2.5 kilometers."             

Design Technician Kristel Dodaro spoke to AM 1150 News about a cheaper alternative.

"We are focusing on maintenance works and preservation so we have added funding to our crack sealing program which tries to get longer life out of our roads that are in decent condition," Dodaro added.    

The City is spending four times as much on that crack seal program. 

Oil prices aren't the only concern in the ever increasing price of asphalt. 

So is the price of diesel to run the machinery to lay it down.