Bus drivers to rally with striking casino workers

casino signs

Members of the Amalgamated Transit Union plan to join Gateway Casinos workers on the picket line in Kelowna tonight. (Sept 12) 

Local 1772 President Scott Lovell says his members also plan to donate some money to help out the Playtime Casino employees, who've been on strike for 11 weeks for higher wages.

Lovell says if any company can give its workers a decent, living wage - it's a casino..

"People don't realize the casino makes ton of money - we all know the house always wins. So, why isn't it that they can't share some of that $80-million in profit just to have a living wage here in the Okanagan."

Lovell says the casino workers he's talked to can't understand Gateway's reluctance to help elevate their pay from below the minimum wage.

"The minimum wage the BC Federation of Labour has been working on is $15.00-an-hour, and we're not event at that - we're talking $12.00 for these folks," he says. 

Lovell says the living wage in Kelowna - based on the city's cost-of-living - should be around $25.00-an-hour. 

About 100 bus drivers, in Kelowna for an international conference, plan to rally in support of the casino workers at around 9:30 pm on Water Street in Kelowna.