Busy times in backcountry


A long weekend in more ways than one for Central Okanagan Search and Rescue.

They responded to six incidents in a week.

Among them, rescuing an injured dirt biker Monday near James Lake.

The subject had crashed on a trail 500 metres from the road.

Earlier that morning, COSAR sent 11 members to Penticton to help PENSAR in a mutual aid search for a lost hiker near Idleback Lake. 

The hiker was successfully found by 10:30 a.m.

COSAR search manager Duane Tresnich is concerned about the increase in tasks, but is grateful most have had successful outcomes.

“For the most part people are prepared.  Accidents happen and because people are filing trip plans, bringing the right gear and not going out alone, we have had successful outcomes.”

COSAR has responded to 31 tasks in 2022, well below last year’s record of 106.