Canada Day fireworks - bad idea!


We are in a ‘perfect storm’ situation for a potentially devastating fire season. 

Never-seen-before temperatures are shattering records, it is extremely dry, and there is little reprieve in sight. And the illegal use of fireworks in this environment is a recipe for disaster.  

There is no other way to say it: do not use fireworks. Do not have campfires. Do not use outdoor pizza ovens, fire pits, Chimineas or other outdoor wood burning appliances in the City of Kelowna at any time. They are not permitted at any time.  

“We’ve received inquiries recently about using fireworks in the city,” said Paul Johnson, Fire Prevention Officer, Kelowna Fire Department. “The answer is absolutely and unequivocally, no. No fireworks and no outdoor wood burning appliances of any kind are permitted – ever – in Kelowna. This message is so incredibly important to get through to people as a single ember or spark could cause a significant problem.” 

Fire crews do have the ability to issue bylaw fines if they are notified of a campfire or use of fireworks in the city limits.