Canadian Company makes Cannabis consumption Easier Pot Kits

A new Canadian company is making cannabis easier to use.

David Kogan is the Founder of

His company offers pre-made kits and online demonstrations.

“Each kit contains a specific way of imbibing cannabis, be it smoking, vaporizing or an edibles kit, and they contain everything you need including cleaning supplies,” said Kogan.

It can be difficult to understand the vast cannabis industry, what to use and how to use it.

Kogan’s goal is to take away that overwhelming feeling of navigating the market.

 “For a lot of people, the experience of walking into their local shop and trying to figure what it is that they can use to complete their experience, it can feel a little bit overwhelming. They may not understand how certain accessories work together or what's necessary to complete the experience.”

With legalization of edibles coming this month, Kogan said they want to give people the opportunity to produce their own at home with step by step instructions.

 He wants to make cannabis consumption more safe and predictable for first-timers, experimenters, social users and those reliving their college days.

“The main benefit is that here you are, you've got this kit and it has everything you need ready to go. Once you’ve got your kit you can hop onto and follow along with the videos. They’ll take you through how to use each of the items in the kit.”