Canadians can now purchase bulk groceries from Sysco


Canadians can now purchase high quality, bulk groceries, from the comfort of their own home, through Sysco Canada.

Sysco is the country’s largest foodservice company, supplying the hospitality and healthcare industries.

Due to COVID-19, they have launched an online grocery service for every day consumers.

“Currently it’s a no-touch order system where you order online, you pay with our credit card and then you make your way to the Sysco distribution site for a no-touch pick up,” said 

Sysco Canada President Randy White.

According to Sysco Canada, grocery stores are experiencing a 38 percent increase in retail grocery shopping and 90 percent of Canadians are now shopping online.

White says their supply chain has slowed down, given the reduction in restaurant visits in their industry, so they’ve stepped up to fill that need of direct consumer supply.

He said Sysco@Home is operating in 15 cities across Canada, including Kelowna.

“We’ve really stepped up to do a number of things, to bring food into areas of Canada that were struggling to get food today and this is one of those areas. We were watching through media and as consumers ourselves how difficult it was for the grocery industry to keep up to the demands, as we sat here with an enormous supply chain across Canada,” said White.

Sysco is offering mostly food items but will be offering bulk paper, kitchen and sanitizing items in certain locations.

White says because they sell items in large quantities, consumers can store extras in their pantry or freezer.

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