Candlelight Vigil of Hope and Rememberance

Candlelight vigil

MADD Central Okanagan is holding their annual Candlelight Vigil of Hope and Remembrance Sunday in Kelowna in commemoration of those killed as a result of impaired driving.

Director and Treasurer Scott Chambers said it is open to anyone who wants to support victims and their families.

“The vigil is just an opportunity for those individuals to get together, realize that there are a community of people and individuals who have been affected by this crime and offer support and perhaps guidance and assistance to show that there's a network of individuals out there that have gone through similar challenges.”

MADD Canada’s overlying purpose, beyond educating the public and advocating for change, is to support the victims and survivors of impaired driving.

Chamber said the vigil is an opportunity show individuals they’re not alone and augment MADD Canada’s mission to provide support.

“To be a victim of somebody who's either been injured or killed by an impaired driver, it’s a pretty unique circumstance because it’s such a preventable crime and it could have not happened had that person chosen not to get behind the wheel either impaired by alcohol, drugs or both,” said Chambers.

He was at the MADD Canada National Leadership Convention in Toronto in September.

He said it was focused on cannabis, legalization and the implication it has on impaired driving going forward.

The ceremony is taking place at the Parkinson Recreation Center.

Doors open at 1:30p.m the vigil starts at 2p.m.