Cannabis Council of Canada concerned about black market vaping illnesses


The Cannabis Council of Canada is urging people who vape unregulated weed to stop.

Vice President of Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations, Cameron Bishop, says black market or illicit cannabis is produced by individuals and criminal organizations without a license.

"Health Canada has developed world class regulations to allow for the production and sale of cannabis in a way that puts the safety of Canadians as the number one priority. Whereas the black market only cares about profit and the cannabis products they sell are not produced with any government oversight, quality or safety standards."

Bishop adds you are putting yourself at serious risk if you vape unregulated cannabis products.

"Illicit cannabis is not produced with any Health Canada oversight and no regulations have been followed. There are no restrictions on selling to minors. The risks associated with using illicit cannabis cannot be overstated. We have been following the troubling news out of the United States related to black market vaping. Health professionals are working hard to understand what might be causing these pulmonary illnesses and are focusing their attention on some of the adulterants that have been added to vape cartridges."

As far as what can be done, Bishop says the Canadian Cannabis Council is working closely with its members, Health Canada and our provincial partners to monitor vaping illnesses.

"It’s important that Canadians understand there are currently no legal cannabis vape products for recreational use. This will change in December when regulations will allow the production and sale of recreational cannabis for use with vaporizers. Until then we encourage Canadians to avoid these products."