Champion of the Environment, Kelowna Council Gets First Report


Chris Ray is Kelowna's new Champion of the Environment. 

He provided council with the scope of the climate and environment review during Monday's meeting. 

Ray noted the city has taken a lot of initiatives to reduce emissions. "We don't yet have a clear understanding of how this all fits together. There's no defined framework that ensures a coordinated effort and alignment between the various policies, programs, actions, systems, and resources."

Staff have mapped out five phases for the climate and environment review and it is currently in phase one. 

"The main objectives of the projects are first to establish through staff and community engagement a corporate vision, key priorities and objectives related to climate action and environmental protection. Second, to determine the effectiveness and gaps of the city's current climate and environment related components. And third, provide a series of recommendations based on the gap analysis to advance the climate and environment priority."

Council approved the Champion of the Environment position in December 2020.