Chances Casino gets Live Tables

Chances kelowna

There are two casinos in Kelowna, both operated by the BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC).

Chances won approval from City council to bring in live tables.

That didn't sit well with Playtime Casino's General Manger at the public hearing on Tuesday.

Clarissa Pruden claimed this would negatively impact their business.

Councillor Mohini Singh disagreed. She said both Casinos have a very different environment.

“One is more tourist oriented, the other is the regular clientele and older clientele and I just think there's a fine opportunity for both facilities to succeed,” said Singh.

BCLC representative, Brad Desmarais said the customers at Chances have been requesting live tables for a long time.

He clarified that this move was not about stealing market share or moving market share from one casino to the other.

“That’s not in BCLC’s best interest or in the best interest of the operators. In this particular case, we believe by adding these tables, we are meeting the needs of existing chances customers who are really a different demographic than those customers that frequent Playtime,” adding that it was complimentary, not competitive.

Mayor Colin Basran agreed the perceived negative consequences are false.

He believes both casinos will be successful.

“From a land use stand point it makes sense, there's no concerns there. From a health and safety or security stand point, the RCMP has no issues and I don't have any issues in regard to it.”

Councillor Gail Given pointed out that the City has the density and demand for both.

“With the amount of density that's being built around the Playtime casino, if you think of the number of units we've added within a very short walking distance of the casino, it's significant. And I think that in itself will help to build the clientele for that area.”

She said adding competition can tend to improve the situation for both gambling facilities.

The casino will be adding roulette, black jack and more, serviced by 50 new employees.