City of Kelowna wants you to remember the 3 P's

toilet paper

Did you know that nothing should be flushed down your toilet other than the 3 P’s? Pee, poop, and (toilet) paper are the only things that should go down. Everything else belongs in the trash can. 

“We’ve been seeing an increase in items that simply shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet in our lift stations lately – things like dental floss, grease and wipes,” says Ed Hoppe, Water Quality & Customer Care Supervisor. “These items contribute to clogs that cause big and costly problems down the line. We’re asking residents to only flush the 3 P’s so we can keep our systems running smoothly.” 

Despite what the label might say, wipes are not flushable. Unlike toilet paper, wipes don’t break down and nor do any other items that residents mistakenly flush, such as prescription medication, tampons, paper towels or cotton swabs. Next time, throw these items in your trash can, not your toilet bowl. Prescription medication can be returned to your local pharmacy. 

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