COSAR tasked out twice in one night


COSAR had two call-outs last Tuesday night.

At 6 pm we were tasked with helping an injured mountain biker on the Gillard FSR trails.

The rider crashed on Casino Royale and suffered multiple injuries to his knees, wrist and collar bone and was unable to ride out

More than a dozen search and rescue volunteers responded and helped bring him to a waiting ambulance using the TrailRider wheeled chair.

He was on his way to KGH for treatment by 8:20pm.

Less than two hours later our boat team was asked to support the RCMP and the Kelowna Fire Department in a search of Okanagan Lake.

A resident reported seeing lights on lake that didn’t appear normal and police suspected a boat was adrift in the 30 to 40 km/h winds.

When authorities investigated they found an abandoned 23-foot Chaparral ski boat.

The boat had all its running lights on but was taking on water. No passengers were aboard.

Police contacted SAR to help search as it was believed multiple people were in the water separated from their boat.

Seven COSAR members responded to the incident with one team on the ground prepared to follow up on any shoreline sightings

However, police found a driver’s license on the boat and managed to contact the owner; it turned out everyone was safely on shore.

The boat was towed ashore and anchored.