Council approves first 3 phases of massive Lakeshore development


UPDATED: Kelowna city council gave the go ahead to the first three phases of a multi-phase development slated for the Hiawatha Mobile Home Park site on Lakeshore Rd.

Some councillors brought up concerns around green space and were eager to learn about the following phases and when the project would have completed amenities.

Councillor Luke Stack said the form and character are consistent with what they approved back in 2013.

“A lot of the debates about where the buildings should be, their heights and where the protected green space is has all been approved and was done years ago. And the only challenge I think we have today is that the first DP for phase one is just coming after a long gap and I think all of us would do well to go back and read the comprehensive approval for this so that when other phases come forward we can determine whether its just consistent with what's already been approved.”

Tenants of the mobile home park were paying 70% of the market rent for their units.

Councillor Mohini Singh said allowing the project to move forward raises the issue of affordable housing in the community.

“I understand the develop has advised all the people left living in the park about what they can do to find alternative living accommodations and so they've been given a list of places to go, there are very few people left there and also the date for them to leave has been extended to the end of March but this does raise the issue and something I know I will be more cognisant about.”

Phase 1 is set to start in July, Phase 2 next October and Phase 3 in February 2022.

Councillor Brad Sieben was in support of the project.

“I know there's been a lot of talk, even when this was rezoned many, many years ago about displacement of affordable housing but I think what we also realize is that we're adding a lot of density in this area which is on a multi-use corridor close to an urban centre and I think that density creates a very attractive place for people to live.”

The three and a half storey townhouses will consist of 200 dwelling units contributing to a total 1,000 – 1,100 units when the development.


Kelowna city council will discuss a three phase residential development on Monday afternoon that comes with the eviction of dozens of low-income families and seniors.

Westcorp purchased the Hiawatha Mobile Home Park site on Lakeshore Rd. back in 2007 and now they want to turn it into a community of stacked townhouses after being given initial approval by the city in 2013.

Community concerns focus on density and traffic concerns, and with the height of buildings in interface areas.

Resident concerns continue to focus on lack of affordability in other areas of the city if they are forced to move. Current residents were given fair warning of the developers plans but that doesn't negate their fears.

Overall, the three and a half storey townhouses will consist of 200 dwelling units. 

Phase 1 is projected to start in July and end in August 2022. 

Phase 2 would begin in October 2021.

Phase 3 wouldn't begin until February 2022.