Councillors Request E-Scooter Program Review over Health Concerns


Kelowna councillors have asked city staff to come back with a detailed report on challenges and wins with the e-scooter program. 

Councillor Loyal Wooldridge asked, "I was wondering along with that report if we'd be able to have data from IH included within that to review. I know there was obviously media reports last week, but having input from our experts around safety and health concerns of the program so that we're best informed."

Councillor Maxine Dehart stated, "I was actually, I'll be very honest, kind of disturbed and a bit embarrassed about what Dr. Krywulak had to say. I had no idea at the time... to have eight surgeries in one weekend and for a surgeon to come out and tell you that he wants these vehicles off the road, that was really alarming to me."

City staff says they'll collect as much data as possible and report back in the coming weeks.