COVID-19 and Allergy Symptoms Look Alike

CKTB - NEWS - Allergies

Kelowna Pharmacist Craig Tostenson says allergy symptoms can look a lot like COVID-19. 

He says people who are experiencing allergies for the first time may be a little confused or concerned, and it’s not bad to ask a doctor. 

“For people that have had allergies in the past, if their symptoms are different in any way from what they're normally used to with allergies then I would say you should contact your doctor and just get their opinion.”

Tostenson says they get lots of calls to the pharmacy of people who want to ask about their symptoms and have referred some to speak with their doctor. 

The main difference in COVID-19 symptoms is a fever, but both the virus and allergies can come with headaches, coughing, trouble breathing, and exhaustion.