COVID cases slowly going down in Central Okanagan

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Cases of COVID-19 in the Central Okanagan are going down. 

Doctor Bonnie Henry says that's encouraging news.

"And we know across the Interior their has been challenges over the past two months. Everything from the forest fires and the heat and the smoke areas and displacement of people that have also interfered with the ability to prevent transmission, but also to get immunization rates in many communities".    

But the data isn't all positive.

Interior Health, which makes up 15 percent of BC's population, has been responsible for 50 percent of the new cases in the last month.

Doctor Henry is projecting COVID-19 cases across BC will increase in the next month.

She says while new infections will rise, hospitalizations are projected to flatten.

With 600 thousand children under 12 in BC who are unable to be vaccinated, Henry says they are at a higher risk if their parents aren't immunized.