COVID stress is real


Feeling exhausted?

While you may have not tested positive for COVID-19, some might be feeling especially exhausted by the latest wave of the pandemic.

The tiredness resulting from theses cycles has been referred to by some as "COVID fatigue," and one researcher at the University of British Columbia says it can lead to some people relaxing the way they follow health guidelines.

"In my mind, COVID fatigue is a reaction to chronic stress. So people are feeling low mood, irritable, anxious, people get their hopes up and their hopes dashed," Dr. Steven Taylor, a psychiatry professor at UBC.

Taylor said there are certain people who might feel even more exhausted by the ongoing pandemic. One group includes people who already have anxiety, depression or mood disorders that could be exacerbated by the uncertainty of COVID-19.

How people are impacted during the pandemic can also worsen fatigue. For example, those who develop a severe illness, have significant financial issues or are isolated can experience extra stress.

(CTV News)