Dangerous alleged vigilante actions put women at risk


On March 30, 2021 a resident of the 14000-block of Oyama Road in Lake Country reported that his residence had been broken into overnight and numerous items were stolen.

A few hours later, the homeowner and another man had located some of the stolen property near the boat launch on Wood Lake. Two women approached the area that the items were stashed in, and one of the men allegedly chased both women with a baseball bat. The women fled in a vehicle which was pursued by the men in their own vehicle.

Lake Country RCMP officers rushed to the area and stopped the suspect vehicle. A 43-year-old Lake Country man was arrested at that time. He has subsequently been released on conditions for a future court date.

“Our officers conducted an investigation and determined that there was no evidence that the two women had anything to do with the break in, or the stolen items,” says Sgt. Jon Collins, commander of the Lake Country RCMP. “When people decide to bypass law enforcement and take matters into their own hands it can lead to dangerous situations that put innocent people in danger and land vigilantes in trouble with the law themselves.”