Day of Giving for the Kelowna Hospital Foundation


Today is about bringing advanced stroke care to the interior. This will be the only facility of its kind between Vancouver and Calgary.

"Because time is so important when you've having a stroke, and you're losing two million brain cells a minute, time is of the essence," says Kelowna General Hospital Foundation CEO, Doug Rankmore. "As the saying goes, every single moment matters. This is something that needs to be available here for it to work for people. Because if you have to travel that far, it's too late."

Dr. Nevin De Korompay is an Interventional Radiologist at KGH. What he does, is a delicate removal of blood clots from a stroke victim's brain.

"When I get a call in the middle of the night saying there's a stroke, you're not mad because there's a stroke, you're just thinking about the patient hoping you can make them better," he.  "Every minute the brain doesn't have oxygen it's about two-million brain cells dying. If you have a stroke and there's a clot there, doctors can give you a clot-busting drug that might dissolve it. But sometimes it's just too big and then you have to call in the glorified plumbers."

There are five families who have joined together to match donations up to $500,000. One of them is Mike Azhadi and his wife Janet.

"At the end of the day, each of our lives is connected," says Mike Azhadhi. "Our lives are really about others. We realize that you have to make a difference."

Donations can be made on the KGH Foundation website or by calling 250.980.6123.