Deposit changes to containers over 1 litre start tomorrow


Changes to deposits on beverage containers over 1 litre start tomorrow.  The deposit will go from 20 cents to 10 cents.

"The deposit system has been proven to be the most effective way to ensure that we have high recycling rates for these containers," says President and CEO of Return-It,  Allen Langdon.  "Our recovery rate has increased over the last two years from 75% to 77%-78%.  And we are hoping to top 80% this year"

Langdon says Return-It will continue to come up with innovativations and changes like this as they want to get the recovery rate up to the 85% range.

The 20 cent deposit refund for containers over one litre will be in place until October 11.

"Starting October 12 you'll not only be charged 10 cents deposit, you'll only get 10 cents back," says Langdon.