Distancing not always possible during travel


Activity is picking up and expanding at YLW.

Kelowna Airport Director Sam Samaddar says flights are connecting internationally, as well as domestically.

Samaddar says the federal government acknowledges that spacing may be a challenge at times and that is why they have established safety protocols requiring masks on aircrafts and where physical distancing is not possible during travel.

“Even at the airport there are some areas and incidences where it’s just not possible to physically distance; and in those areas, for example going through a pre-board screening, you will be required to wear a mask before you go into the screening point,” said Samaddar.

Kelowna’s terminal dawns signs and increased cleanliness but Samaddar says in areas where you aren’t two metres apart you will be required to wear a mask.

“If you’re going for the pre-boarding process to get on the aircraft you would have to do that and also when you arrive in the airport through the airside corridor and retrieving your baggage, all those areas would require you to wear masks.”

If you don’t think protocols are being followed on flights, Samaddar says you can report it directly to the air carrier or to Transport Canada.

Airport protocols are available at https://ylw.kelowna.ca/

Next week YLW is launching materials to further educate the public on airport etiquette.