Dog Ambassadors are Back

Dog Ambassadors

After a two-year COVID hiatus, watch for the Regional District of Central Okanagan Dog Ambassadors wearing their brightly coloured shirts as they visit all the popular dog hotspots.

You’ll find them through the summer at local beaches, parks and popular walkways talking with dogs and their guardians.  The goal of the Ambassador program is to act as a resource: educating and informing all dog owners, resident and visitors, about the Responsible Dog Ownership Bylaw and the My Dog Matters rewards program.

They have dog leashes, bandanas and tasty treats to reward their new furry friends in areas from Lake Country to Peachland. Our ambassadors are an excellent information source on everything from the location of dog-friendly parks, beaches and businesses, to how to check if your license is valid.

They’re especially helpful for visitors who vacation in the Central Okanagan with their dogs and may not fully understand what’s expected in our parks and public areas and where dog parks are located.

As well, during the summer months, Dog Control Officers will be out on patrol in vehicles and on bikes during extended hours. All dog owners in the Central Okanagan are reminded that they must have a current license. There is zero tolerance for unlicensed dogs in the Central Okanagan. Dog owners are reminded of their responsibility to leash their dog in public (unless in a designated off-leash area) and to pick up and properly dispose of their pet waste. 

If you lose or find a dog, please contact the Regional District Dog Pound at 250-469-6284 as soon as possible so that we can help reunite the dog and its owner.

Everything you need to know about dog licensing and responsible dog ownership in the Central Okanagan can be found at