Downtown apartment building endorsed by City council

richter and cawston apartment

A 6 ½ storey apartment building at the corner of Richter Street and Cawston Avenue was green lit by city council on Tuesday.

The public voiced concerns over the current state of the laneway.

Mayor Colin Basran was happy the applicant had plans to refurbish it and add lights.

“In terms of the height, at 6 ½ storeys, I think is appropriate and what we're trying to do in that area is totally in keeping with the future land use plan. And then just in regards to the laneway closure, I have no problems with that,” said Basran.

He said removing part of the laneway and reconstructing the rest will result in a better project.

Concerns were also raised over insufficient parking and traffic.

The applicant clarified that the project was adjusted to include more than the required stalls, which will be discussed more at the building permit stage.

Councillor Loyal Wooldridge said the density makes sense and adds diverse housing to the area.

“And I think that there's a misconception when we talk about transportation that there’s going to be this high volume of traffic coming in and out, because the whole concept of densification is obviously encouraging alternate modes so that people aren’t necessarily relying on their cars as much,” said Wooldridge.

He added that as Kelowna's downtown continues to develop, people will use fewer cars, which will mitigate the community's concern.

Councillor Brad Sieben was happy to approve a project with the potential for live/work units in the downtown core.

“Whether it be for a massage therapist or artist, or whatever they can do where they can live and work in the same space, I think it will be a good trial and I hope they're successful in marketing it and it's a sign of things to come,” said Sieben

The project's form and character is next up for discussion and will come back to council for a building permit in coming weeks.