Draining Your Hot Tub or Pool


Pool season is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to drain those hot tubs. Protecting Okanagan Lake from improper draining methods should be top of mind during this time.  

When draining pools or hot tubs at any time during the year, residents are reminded:  

  • Drain to a dry area on their property over a long period of time, ensuring water stays on the property 
  • Discharge the water at a low flow rate 
  • Do not drain water if it starts raining or the ground becomes saturated 
  • Test pool water to ensure that no chlorine remains. If chlorine is still present, dechlorinate before draining into the storm sewer system. Do not drain directly into Okanagan Lake. 
  • Drain saltwater pools into the sanitary sewer system  
  • Do not drain water directly into City park property as this can cause erosion damage 

The Sanitary Sewer Storm Drain Regulation Bylaw restricts the draining of residential swimming pool and hot tub water containing disinfectants such as chlorine, salt water and bromine to storm drains in order to protect the environment. If proper drainage is not possible, the water must be dechlorinated before being drained into the storm sewer system.    

Residents who are unsure about proper drainage are encouraged to contact the City's Water Quality department at 250-469-8887 before draining their pool or hot tub. Improper discharge of contaminated water can result in a fine of up to $2,000.    

For more information visit kelowna.ca/stormwater